CPD Policy

CORA understands adaptability is the key driver in maintaining and improving operational effectiveness. This is achieved by encouraging and promoting flexibility, creativity and innovation within our organisation. Our professional staff actively engage in CPD to improve knowledge, skills and personal qualities for the benefit of the business and the individual.

CORA’s CPD strategy includes robust learning systems, knowledge sharing, knowledge management and relevant external linkages which are customised to suit future industry demands, actively supported by senior management and driven by the individual. This strategy is developed to ensure that company support is provided for the individual to take responsibility for relevant CPD, thus sustaining career-long high performance and avoid ‘professional obsolescence.

This policy covers all engineers and technicians employed. It forms part of our management system to ensure high levels of compliance (where required) and optimal levels of adaptability-through-learning. This policy will be reviewed annually in line with business requirements and appropriate CPD best-practice.