We are committed to designing all our projects with sustainability in mind, from the reuse of materials to efficient designs to the creative use of low embodied energy materials.

One of the areas which can contribute the most to sustainable design is economical design – which is the use of minimum amount of material. This is often an area ignored and can achieve significant savings to the project and to the environment.

Our philosophy is to try to use local materials where possible, the economic and efficient use of materials and to specify recycled materials or recyclable materials if possible.

We have specified a number of innovative uses of materials on projects to date including sand as a fill material in lieu of hardcore, recycled car tyres as permanent formwork and foundations and reuse of concrete formwork as a material within the building when completed.

As standard, we specify ‘Eco-Cement’ for use in concrete for its reuse of ‘GGBS’s’ from the steel making industry as a cement replacement product and we have specified it up to the maximum 50% replacement allowable.

We also promote the use of softwood timber sourced from managed forests and sustainable resources and have completed a number of timber framed buildings using Irish grown timber from forests local to the projects.